Funeral Expenses

Funeral Expenses: What Are Included In It And How Can Save Money From It?

The Federal Trade Commission, in order to regulate funeral homes and protect the right of consumers, has created the Funeral Rule. This includes the rule that funeral services and goods should be sold separately. This also means that one is not forced to accept a package that has included items that they don’t even want in the first place. Now, why it is important to know this? This is important, as it can help you save some funeral expenses.
You might have been wondering, how much money would be spent for a funeral. Well, it varies depending on a lot of factors. Such factors include the type of merchandise and services selected including transportation and facilities that are being offered by funeral homes. Funeral expenses also include the casket, urn, outer burial container, clothing, flowers, music, clergy honorarium and cemetery charges. This may range from $7000 -$10000, the average funeral cost in Singapore. This includes the burial in the cemetery, headstone installation and funeral home services. Of course, the cost would also vary from location to location and other circumstances. The price can also increase together with inflation and additional services including placing an obituary in the newspapers and others.
A high percentage of the funeral expenses comes from the basic services offered by a funeral home/ this includes preparing or filing necessary permits and certificates; obituary placements, funeral arrangements, cemetery coordination’s, crematory and others. Utility, inventory, equipment, administrative and secretarial expenses are also included in this one. It has been estimated that one needs to spend at least $2000 for the basic services alone. One also needs to pay for embalming services unless the law has specified that it is not necessary. On the other hand, if one did not prefer embalming, then they can opt for an immediate burial or cremation, which would also cost them money.
Even body preparations are included in the funeral expenses. Of course, there is still a need for the deceased to be groomed and dressed well. Some even avail of hairstyling services for their family still wants their loved ones to look good, especially since they are only left with a limited amount of time for them to see their faces for the last time before they are buried or cremated. Transferring the body to funeral homes also cost a lot. In some cases, there is a set fee for it but additional cost may also be included additional transportation mile.
Considering the fact that funerals are expensive, one should definitely work on ways for them to save on funeral expenses. They can consider comparing the prices being offered by different companies online and selecting the most affordable one without compromising the quality of the services being offered. Also, if they are only aiming to have a one day funeral, then they can just skip embalming and if the casket offered by a funeral home is expensive, then you can just buy it elsewhere. One can also opt for a home funeral although various funeral services are being offered to them.

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