The 3 Important Steps

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Engage Funeral Director

What is the first thing to do when your loved one passed on? The first step is to engage a Funeral Director. He/she will provide you information and advices such as the type of funeral, purchase of casket, handling of deceased body, informing authorities and many more.

Get Death Certificate

The law requires all death to be registered within 24 hours of occurence. There are documents to submit and procedures to follow to process the registration, Our helpful Funeral Director will guide you through the registration and ensure it is duely completed

Proceed with Funeral

Our Funeral Director will proceed to send body for embalming before delivering to place of wake. Funeral logistics such as set up and refreshments will also be taken care of. You can choose to place an obituary to inform the passing of your loved one.

Funeral Wake

A funeral wake is one of the things that happen during funeral service. Once your loved one die, there are many things to do such as finding a reliable and trustworthy funeral provider, allotting budget for the foods within funeral days, ordering flowers for the memorial event, and others. When this happens to your family, you just have to look for a company that will help you a lot in many situations.

What is a funeral wake?

A funeral wake is a gathering that needs to be done before the funeral service. This allows the family, friends, and other people to have a chance to respect, recognize the dead person, and comfort the grieving family members. In this way, the bereaved family will not feel that they are not alone. Instead, they will have somebody to lean and count on. Moreover, the family relatives who stay beside the grieving household members can be able to reduce the effects of the loss.

Funeral wakes can also mean viewing or visitations to the deceased loved one at a particular funeral home within a few days before the funeral service. This usually transpires during evening hours. Nevertheless, the things that will happen during those times depends upon individuals’ beliefs or religion as a whole. In Roman Catholics, people do a prayer vigil. Individuals believe that praying will help the spirits of the deceased person to be with God. When it comes to non-religious groups, they will share memories and pieces of encouragement for the bereaved family to become stronger. So, funeral wakes also depend on the religion of the people.

All of the individuals do funeral wakes as a way to show goodbye to the deceased person. Also it is a way to show honor or respect. Generally, the body is present during funeral wake. Usually it is inside a casket or a coffin. Moreover, the good thing about funeral home services is that they will be the one to prepare the corpse. Also, one of the reasons why individuals do this is that, to make the body presentable during the gathering. Likewise a certain funeral provider do embalming, dressing, hairdressing, putting makeup, and other needed services. Nevertheless the body might not be present during the funeral wake because of religious beliefs, culture, and family’s decision.

When it comes to the attire to use, it can be casual. So, there is no need to wear extravagant dress because it can be disrespectful to the bereaved family and to the deceased person. Oftentimes, the people who attend during the funeral service leave after offering condolences. In this way, you do not have to set a definite time for the funeral wake unless you have other important commitments.

Funeral wake is really significant to the bereaved family because it can help them to ease the pain of the loss. Also, it can provide someone whom they can count on. In addition, they will feel that they are not alone in facing life without the deceased loved one.

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