Things to Remember in body Repatriation

If one of your loved ones dies abroad, you will surely be stressed and sad not only because of the loss but also because body repatriation is very difficult to deal with. However, you can seek for some help to the right authorities to ensure they can return the body to their family.

Contacting the authorities will ensure you that you will be guided with the right things to do. They are the one who has the ability to create better arrangements regarding the body of the deceased. Thus, they will provide you the right advice about everything and the needed requirements you need to prepare for the body repatriation. If in case you are in a package holiday, you can inform your package organizer to resort it as much as possible. Some tour operators have best teams that can help you when it comes to the arrangements of this kind of matter.

Here are the things you need to provide your attention:

Registration of the death

Dead person needs to be registered in the country where he has died. The authority will provide you the right advice on how you can do it. However, at some countries, the authorities are the one who do the job for you and prepare the documents for death registration. Nevertheless, if you want to personally do the job, you may need to provide complete information like the following:

  • Full name of the deceased
  • Date of birth
  • The passport number
  • The exact date and place of the issuance of passport
  • Complete details about their next-of-kin in case you are not the closest relative of the deceased.

Arrangement for the funeral

In arranging for their funeral, you will be provided with two options. Either you can make it to be funeral abroad or return the body to its country, which is popularly known as body Repatriation. If you choose to return the body to its country, you need to learn the best advice regarding its arrangement. Here are the needed things you need to prepare in order for you to return the body:

  • Certified English translation of foreign death certificate from the country where your love ones die.
  • Certificate of embalming
  • Authorization to remove the body from country where the person died

Once the body arrives in its country, you need to inform and issue the death certificate to the burial where it will take place. Body Repatriation may cost expensive therefore, you need to ensure that you will meet its cost and it should be covered with the insurance policy. This will help you to claim the benefits and other funeral service that you will need. In addition, you can avail for travel insurance and will have the right to claim its cost arrangement from this kind of process. If you are covered with the insurance company, you can hire a local assistance to do the job for you.

Body repatriation is a stressful process but can be made easier if you know the right and important details needed, requirements, and considerations.



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